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Just what is Affiliate Titan 3?

You’ll get access to 6 applications tools… media guides & training and much more.

To preview the entire Affiliate Titan 3 merchandise.

We have provided template emails below, but the best affiliate commissions are”personalized”, so please examine the sales letter (here) & mix your own personal ideas with our proven emails… We have analyzed over 50 subject headers and these 10 got the greatest clicks and open rates. Mix and match these subject lines with the emails below for maximum commissions!

Affiliate Titan 3 gives users 6000 products monthly across ClickBank, JVZoo, Amazon & product launches: This can be done using the KOTZoo, KOTZon, CB250 and LaunchPulse softwares (softwares 1-4).

That is the system in a nutshell –“automatically get 6,000 products/buyer keywords then automatically rank sites and videos to them & get free traffic”.

The 30-page quick start PDF describes the entire system, and also how to use all 6 software tools contained in Affiliate Titan 3 front-end package.
The first four tools allow you to find affiliate programs to promote, and the last two allow you to market them and get visitors…

In a nutshell, it is a really easy way to get free BUYER visitors from Google across JVZoo, ClickBank & Amazon.

There is a lot included within the package. So you have a wide choice of angles to choose, depending on your listing:

General IM / earn money– Affiliate marketing is easy. Chris has made over $2 million as an affiliate, this is his entire tool suite to gain

Affiliate marketing– affiliate marketing is the best business. AT3 includes SIX software tools so anyone can profit as an affiliate.

ClickBank/JVZoo/Amazon– product selection is very important for affiliates, which is why AT3 includes 3 tools to find products on all of these networks (along with a fourth instrument to find new product launches)

Google SEO Traffic– the system is all about getting free buyer visitors, by ranking quickly on Google/YouTube for super-profitable”product name” key words

YouTube SEO Traffic— we create videos with”Rapid Video Ranker” and then position them on Google/YouTube

Site building/sales copy/affiliate presells– The”1 Click Affiliate” tool is mainly utilized to create pre-sell scripts which can then be imported into Rapid Video. Additionally, the scripts can obviously also be used to create copy for anything (sites, VSLs, affiliate emails, presells etc).

Affiliate Titan 3 Review — Features

You will receive Instant Access to this Affiliate Titan 3″tool-suite”, with all SIX super successful affiliate softwares:

King of the Zon

This is the newest tool of Affiliate Titan, King of the Zon provide database of 200 Amazon rising products. The best benefit of this tool is your daily update.

You may track the top-selling goods by the simplest way.

Affiliate Titan 3 Review – King of the Zon

King of the Zoo

This is a brand new marketplace for finding the profitable affiliate programs on the JVZoo.

Score — an inner score help gauge the popularity and success of a product
Growth — Gauges the popularity of the product
The number of products sold
Price of product
Conversion % — Approx.
EPC’s — Earnings Per Click

You are able to see all products, trends, costs and conversion rate. You’re also able to hover over the title of products to preview a screenshot of this sales letter without visiting the sales page.

CB 250

Database of the top 250 ClickBank affiliate programs — filter by gravity/category/alexa/etc to find the best merchandise to target
Example of a recommended search — Alexa under 250k, Gravity over 50 and Commission 75 percent

Launch Pulse

This specific system aggregates all of the”huge” launches which are occurring or on going. It appears to be mainly JVZoo and Warrior Plus products, but it’s possible different goods could be added.

Beside that it features an exact match search result for YouTube or Google for almost products.

One Click Affiliate

The 1 Click Affiliate software is pre-loaded with over 100 blocks of copy/script/text which has made him millions, both as a vendor and affiliate.

Just enter a couple of words to describe the product you’re promoting, click … and his proven sales copy is customized to your product and niche.

You can then check all the ones you want — and then export a block of customized , customized text.

This exported HTML can then be used to create a page, affiliate pre-sell, email swipes etc…

But the major benefit is that it can subsequently be imported in my”Rapid Video Ranker” to create an instant media (discussed next)…

)br>Rapid Video Ranker (Video Creator)

You can make a video in a short time. It sounds crazy! But it’s the truth. Affiliate Titan 3 can help you make a high-quality media to advertise products in a few minute. few minutescan rank to the top of YouTube as fast as possible.

Save time is the trick to making money!


How Does Affiliate Titan 3 Work?

STEP 1 — Find a hot affiliate program

The first step is to choose a profitable affiliate program.

STEP 2 — Produce Campaign in 1 minute

Now, you create your revenue script — automatically with his 1 Click Affiliate software.

Pick from 100 done-for-you proven copy templates (like web pages, affiliate promotions & more).

1 Click Affiliate is pre-loaded with the specific scripts that made him $2 million in affiliate commissions.

Create your new, profitable affiliate site in 1 minute…

PLUS: Insert the script into Rapid Video for immediate media…

STEP 3 — Access Free Traffic with Video

And you do this with his Rapid Rank Video software. Simply import the script you just made with 1 Click Affiliate… hit go… then upload your media to YouTube.

Now, you sit back and wait for your video to rank on their buyer keyword, on both Google AND YouTube…

So that you can get in front of the most targeted buyers — and then turn the flows of free traffic into instant affiliate commissions and gains.

Insane product with more than 6 software tools

Affiliate Titan 3 Overview is a combination software, it comprises more than 6 software tools inside it.

Massive tie-in with many Sites

Amazon, JVZoo, YouTube, Online Affiliate Marketing, SEO and ClickBank along with free Google SEO traffic.
Rock-solid copy, backed by insane proof, fresh new angles, etc. plus mind-blowing products.

Affiliate Titan 3 enjoys a breath of fresh air blown into volatile markets. The changes of the market and the products are updated frequently; it gives you the best overview of this market.

Affiliate Titan 3 Overview — Conclusion

Sorry, but using a dealSorrygood, there are no second chances.

Click on the order button to get started.

Complete your information on this page and confirm your payment.

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