Green Panthera Review – Is It Work or Not?

Green Panthera Review – Is It Work or Not?

Every little bit of cash helps when you have duties toward bills and family ?

So you can get just a little bit you might look into it to see if it’s worth the hype that is correlated according to your research.

In this article, we’ll analyze what Green Panthera can provide you with, if it’s worth your time, if it’s safe to combine, and above all, my concerns with the product itself.Green Panthera Review - Is It Work or Not?

Is Green Safe and Panthera Legit? : Quick Overview

Green Panthera is a site that advertises for their members in opportunities. There is not much information on the Green Panthera site to start with, so it is not surprising if you are a little skeptical about its validity.

However, is it safe to combine?

The site is available to individuals in Europe, Asia, and America. It motivates individuals to join and start earning money by participating in supplies, shopping, and taking surveys.

Joining is free and requires an email address. As soon as you validate your email, you will be asked to answer a few questions about yourself so they can match you to polls that were pertinent.

Earning Methods

Green Panthera provides three ways to earn money

1. Surveys and polls

Green Panthera provides paid survey opportunities. Thus, you can complete surveys and earn money on your accounts before visiting the Green Panthera site.
Additionally, it has daily online polls which you can take part in for a reward.

2. Cashback from shopping

By shopping through a few of those retailers on Green Panthera, you will be given a proportion of cashback. The cashback percentage fluctuates. Needless to say, you must spend money to make money with this method.

3. Offers

Members can earn money on Green Panthera. This involves getting rewarded for your time and testing service or a product .

Some supplies are free. However, some offers require that you offer credit card information.

Members get a bonus after completing registration, which is great for a signup reward.

Cashing Out

That is pretty large, and it might take a lot of effort and time to reach that minimum.

PayPal is a payment system, but the fact that there is just 1 payment system on Green Panthera is not perfect.

The methods on Green Panthera do not have capacity to create a good deal of money. The surveys are not worth and there is no guarantee you will be able to complete a survey if the opportunity was delivered to your email inbox.

That’s what I found bothersome. Send it if I can’t do it? Dumb…

Obtaining cashback from shopping through Green Panthera provides another opportunity but you will need to pay for a product to do.

That is not a sensible way to generate an income, and the merchant selection on this website is restricted, (if major retailers for regular purchases were included, such as Walmart, Target, Amazon, etc., that are a different story). No one shops at the shops listed.

The offers on Green Panthera are the opportunities available to members. You’ll have to be on the lookout for supplies that require credit card information or upfront payments.

With these earning methods, Green Panthera does not provide its members much of an opportunity to achieve the $30 minimum .

5 Flags and Concerns

1. There is Terms and Conditions or no Privacy Policy.

The lack of a Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions is about on any website that is encouraging you to give out private information. The Privacy Policy is required to hold a site accountable for what they do with members’ information.

It is possible that Green Panthera may add Terms and Conditions or a Privacy Policy but as of today, they are lacking from the Website.

2. The contact method is an email address.

A contact page is crucial, when trying to ascertain the legitimacy of a site. Green Panthera provides one email address to use if members will need to reach them. There is an official networking page, address, or no phone number.

3. This website has quite a few negative testimonials.

It is a red flag when members of a site have experiences. One noted issue is that some reports are deleted for no reason after the cashout price is reached by members. Additionally, people have complained of being not able to obtain a response from Green Panthera after their accounts have been deleted.

4. For their supplied retailers are uncertain the cashback values.

First off, the retailers available on Green Panthera are not the stores you will see on cashback websites that are major. Most are suppliers such as designer gear or beauty products –not precisely the sort of stuff you’re going to be purchasing on a regular basis.

The cashback percentages are uncertain. You will see”up to” a specific percentage of cashback, but not a good price.

5. When you try to complete a survey opportunity that’s been emailed to you, the poll is already closed.

It is true that this occurs on many paid survey sites, but in conjunction with my concerns, the absence of survey opportunities is a significant drawback for Green Panthera.

To tell the truth, Green Panthera does not supply information on their website for me to make a verdict as to whether or not they are legitimate. There’s not information regarding Green Panthera online as a whole.

If you are going to give out personal information online, it is crucial to stay safe–with no Privacy Policy, it is impossible to know what Green Panthera will do with your information.

Do not get discouraged–there are loads of paid survey sites to pick from which are free and secure to combine like Lucktastic.

What Should You Do?

So Green Panthera wouldn’t be my choice of what to use to create money online.

There are too many question marks and uncertain principles that type of turn me off with needing to put any type of private information out there.

Can you use it to earn money? But your time is more precious than that. In actuality, a way is that I use to create money online that does require a little work, but after it’s functioning and setup on it’s own, it may begin to make you passive income.

I took a few weeks off from blogging merely to rest and unwind I made about $3,000 and that I didn’t post a thing!

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