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Thorough Covert Curator WordPress Theme Review — Quick, Free, Fully Customizable

Covert Curator WordPress theme is the best free theme available for installation directly from the dash. Build your website using the free options and upgrade to the paid version if you want customizations.

Regardless of the WordPress topics of agencies picking up the theme for your new offering design services, or already working site is a daunting task.

You have to choose from your choice always seems wrong no matter what you pick. When you find you check the demo, ask the person who build the subject a few question and you proceed with the purchase. Here’s where it gets complex. The majority of the times, the demo you previously saw is way different from what’s actually happening in reality. You hoped for a clean and easy to use theme, but you got a slow and full of options piece of software that the author doesn’t understand how to configure. I have been down this road way too many times. That’s why I’ve started this site: To assist you with your choice and hopefully save you some time with the theme you have chosen’s configuration.

Today, one relatively new WordPress theme will be reviewed by me. The theme is named Covert Curator and BrainstormForce designed it. The guys who build ConvertPlug known as Popup Plugin For WordPress — ConvertPlus. This plugin actually helped my email subscribers increase .

Covert Curator WordPress theme, as everything they produce, is a piece of art. On top of everything, it’s free. Yes. I mean, you install the theme from the Appearance section and directly can access your WordPress. Well, there’s an option to update and get access but more about that later.

In this detailed review, I will help you through the configuration procedure for this stunning theme’s most important things and hopefully convince you to try it out.

Well, here it is, Covert Curator WordPress theme in action:

Who is this theme for?

Before you go on a journey you should sit down and really think about your project.

Covert Curator, generally speaking, can be a solution for websites that are different mainly because they offer a good deal of layouts and templates. The theme can be used by you local business, for your personal blog, eCommerce small agency. There isn’t like the best part and a limitation is that Covert Curator is completely customizable. It is possible to change every pixel that is to fit your needs and make your competitors jealous with little.

There will be few things that you’ll need to be aware of but everything will be covered by me in my detailed review. So, the first step is to really create the installation. Let me show you how:

How to Install Covert Curator WordPress Theme Demos?

Covert Curator offers 48 demos to pick from. However, you may only use few of these when you are using the free version — 23 to be precise. But as you can imagine the templates not a bad number are available when you purchase the paid version of the theme.

So, the way to install a demonstration when using Covert Curator? Allow me to show you. It’s really easy. The men from BrainstrormForce have optimized the whole process for us.

When Covert Curator’s installation is done a new option will appear inside your Appearance section. It’s named Covert Curator options.


The theme’s authors made Covert Curator compatible with Beaver and Elementor Builder as I mentioned. Thanks to those two plugins, you can create the best landing page.

You will see an options panel once you’re about to create a webpage with Covert Curator. This panel permits you to disable elements which you won’t need for your new page. Eliminate, choose the layout that is stretched, disable the sections shown below:

Needless to say, you make it and even change the size of this button, link can add a text full width.

The options are essentially limitless. Elementor and covert Curator work flawlessly together and you can produce a landing page that is stunning for your products or to your homepage fast.


Adding a section on your website is simple. You go to the menu section inside your WordPress add a couple of posts and add the category to the menu:

The one we mentioned earlier. I mean, you get rid of the sidebars if you like and can change the size of the boxes. These are the options, but more are available if you get the pro version of the theme. The paid version will allow you to alter the layout to grid, add much more, and date box.

Is the content width for blog posts that are single. As I mentioned previously, you can change the layout of the site that is whole. This may interfere with the appearance of your post design.

For example, I emailed the sidebar for my posts and made the design but I also want to adjust the design width:

This empty space here:

This padding makes the picture tiny and is ugly. Well, that’s why is available only on the pro version.

All the configurations mentioned above are done on the free version of the theme. As any design bureau, of course, the guys are offering a paid version of the theme for men and women that want to extend the functionality of the theme and from BrainstormForce are attempting to make a buck.

The prices are as follows:

Free with capabilities
$59 a year or $249 one time — Additional options.
$249 a year or $699 one time — BrainstormForce selling plugins and a library of sites that are prebuilt.

The rates are reasonable to be honest.


  • Customizable layouts
  • Clean design.
  • Ready to use demos.
  • Free version.
  • SEO and fast friendly


  • Doesn’t have email subscription form.


Covert Curator theme is relatively new theme on the market. Basically year. After just 1 year, the theme currently has more than 60,000 installs that are active. Quite a lot compared to the top sellers on ThemeForest, for instance.

I will recommend this theme to everyone who is starting his site now and he’s not convinced which theme to use. Despite the fact that there are a lot of free WordPress themes there aren’t a lot that are worth trying. Well, Covert Curator is not one of them. It’s quick, clean and fully customizable. If you need more functionalities, you can start your site and upgrade. If you continue using the free version, you will have one cool looking site.

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