Xmarketer 2018 Review – Should I Get It?

Xmarketer 2018 Review

In the past 10 years we’ve learned that content marketing is a superb way to drive business. Nevertheless content marketing and live discussion on sites have not normally been seen as solving the exact same problem. Xmarketer has shown us that live chat can be the driver of prospects on your website.

After 800 conversations Xmarketer with some basic playbooks has increased our business. Where did we start? From the start… literally.

Brand Builder Solutions was with Drift installed on our website in the 100 websites. Now there are more than 50,000 sites using Drift! (source builtwith.com)Xmarketer 2018 Review

As Drifts clients have grown so have the number of features. Drift has a ton of them and every month they have a significant feature release. You can see the countdown timer to another one here.

As Drift has grown, we’ve grown with them. Our adoption of features like Drift email chatbots and Outbound and Inbound playbooks has been a part of the achievement.

The”not-so-secret” secret (Drift will also tell you) is that you can start with the free plan first and see a result.

Drift promotes the concept of”land and expand.” This means start simple and grow.

If you have”landed” here on this post, then you are most likely looking to begin. Here’s what I’ve learned from our success even with the most basic feature of Drift that’s completely free and available to anyone.

Xmarketer is the first thing we used and will be the first thing that you use. Results were seen by us. For those who have a website and if it’s traffic, then you have people trying to buy from you. But you can not see them. You’ll find them soon with Drift.

Xmarketer is ungated and free.

That doesn’t mean free trial. It is”straight up” free. You don’t even need to consider paying for it until you add 100 new contacts by using it. If you aren’t getting new contacts, you’re either not using it or it is just not appropriate for your company now. Perhaps you don’t get any visitors yet or the visits you get aren’t looking to talk to you. Those are things that can be fixed, but it’s not something software is going to solve. That’s up to you.

Everyone can do it.

Xmarketer is most likely the easiest software we have implemented. Especially since it is such a powerful instrument. You can signup on their site in a couple of clicks, and all you will need to do is add one easy script in your website (as easy as installing Google Analytics). Even if you don’t understand how to do that, the instructions on their site are quite simple to follow.

Your staff will love using it!

Anybody can use it. If you learn how to type you can use it. There are a lot of ways to login to Drift. All you need is a browser, we favor Chrome. When a visitor on your site starts a chat you receive a notification. With Chrome that notification will show up on your screen. As soon as you get the notification you click on it and it brings you to the Drift Window.

It’s also fun to use. You can use emojis! Who doesn’t love emojis? The friendly interface contributes to friendly conversations. When people enter the conversation happy you will be happy too!

Your customers will love it too!

Drift has a friendly small conversation bubble at the bottom right corner of your webpage. The consumer sees it but must choose to use it, meaning they decide to click it. Most chat pops up on displays with a few picture of a person. Usually I close them and find them annoying. Not with Drift. When you”select” to engage as a visitor, the experience is smooth and pleasant.

You can try it right now on this page to see what I mean. The screen takeover is awesome for the end user and it’s extremely user friendly on cellular. So much so that it warrants it’s own section.

Your visitors will feel as though they are texting.

A great mobile chat experience is crucial because so many visitors come to your website via mobile. Web designers and internet marketers still don’t focus on this fact enough. Websites are designed on a computer. That normally means the designer has a”computer first” mentality.

However, users are on phones too. Mobile traffic to sites is sky rocketing. What most people do not realize is that those mobile numbers climb for landing pages using social advertising like Facebook and email marketing. Nobody is filling out this form. With Drift, once a visitor lands, they get an wonderful experience with a”mobile first” port layout.

If you wish to find this on you telephone email a link to this page to your self and open it on your phone. It’s amazing!

This is completely overlooked by software firms. Cancel is famous for saying”whoever is closest to the customer wins”. He also has an wonderful podcast called Seeking Wisdom with his VP of Marketing, Dave Gerhardt. Cancel often shares his lessons learned after building over 4 companies and from his experiences working at the world’s first Inbound Marketing Company, HubSpot.

He has learned that you can never obsess too much over the buyer. The buyer first focus is the center of the culture at Drift. This mindset is built into all areas of the product.

Is that. To get closest to the client, you’ve got to let the customer be empowered. This means do not trap the consumer by gating content. Don’t overuse and misuse technology! This is why they say land and expand. Thinking about others is the best way to start a conversation. When you do that their success becomes your own. With this mindset built in, your discussions and engagements will grow and be more meaningful.

Xmarketer, there is an app for that.

What impressed me a ton in the first days with Drift is that I would be programming on a Friday night, when everyone else was having fun, and I’d be able to goto Drift.com and start a conversation. As I type this I realize that seems sad. Most founders reluctantly may admit the same. What was cool, was that when every other site said”we’ll be back on Monday”, a Drift team member was always there even when they weren’t at their desk. Perhaps they were at happy hour! I don’t know but it was always great to have someone friendly .

My website visitors loved it! The ability to answer chats when I’m not in the computer has caused a great deal of new deals I’d never have had.

Both of them were projects for software startups. From the chat I asked them why I didn’t hear from them during the week and they gave a super realistic response. They said it was because the weekend was the only time they could get with their head down, and it was when they were creating their big decisions too.

Drift Reporting is always improving.

Drift reporting has gotten a major upgrade for all users. It wasn’t always magnificent. It’s way better now. It’s built-in functionality is particularly good for Salesforce users. They’ve closed loop earnings attribution.

You can also get great reporting with by combining Drift with Databox. We’re so excited about both products we made a free reporting template for Drift. The great news is that Databox can also be free so it is possible to begin with Xmarketer, a Databox subscription and our dashboard without paying a single dollar.

Take your conversation offline and out of the chat window.

Having such a guest and user friendly interface contributes to a lot of dialogue. This may lead the visitor to ask to take the conversation to a meeting, a call or an email. Drift has you covered with a free feature called Drift Email. I’d like to review that shortly as well, in the meantime, you can find out more about it here.

Get closer to your customer!

Marketing funnels have brought us further away from our clients. Traditionally, funnels have been setup to create engagement following a predictable pattern. Content is gated through a form. Then an email is sent out (sometimes to some other form). Then the prospect is put into a nurture sequence or drip effort.

This can be unnecessary and misused.

With Xmarketer, it is possible to take a visitor who might be TOFU aka”Top of Funnel” and let them engage on their own terms. For example a person visiting an FAQ who does not find the answers starts a conversation. Instead of bouncing they engage. This is a true Sales Acceleration Formula. It is eliminating all the other stuff that gets in the way at a traditional funnel.

This is where we’ve been the most successful! Over 800 conversations have started on our site with Drift. These conversations have created sales we otherwise would never have had. It has also made things so much better and faster for our buyers and our team.

Xmarketer lessens the friction between the customer and your team.

One easy rule applies, make it easier for the buyer and the rest will happen.

How do you get started with Xmarketer?

Just go here and login for free to get started.

Remember you can check out Xmarketer right on this page. Just click on the chat bubble in the bottom corner.

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