Buy My Traffic Jacker 2.0 and Get Discount

My Website Traffic Jacker 2.0 Testimonial: Targeted, Free Traffic From YouTube

The best sort of traffic is complimentary web traffic. And My Traffic Jacker 2.0 Review aids you break out traffic from Google by aiding you rank your video clips on Page 1.

 Buy My Traffic Jacker 2.0 and Get Discount

Prior to we enter into the details, I intend to cover exactly why it works. Usually, to place your website on Web page 1 of Google takes a lot of job. Google has actually come to be wickedly clever, and also creating a 5-page site targeting an expression such as “MXL Tempo Microphone Review” merely no more works. This strategy worked well in 2005, yet not in 2016.

In today’s globe, the web sites that are obtaining Web page 1 rankings in Google are web sites with high authority as well as high number of web pages. Web sites such as Wikipedia and Quora command outrageous positions. And one of these websites with really high authority is YouTube. Certainly it helps that YouTube is likewise possessed by Google, so it gets a little bit of favoritism.

YouTube search engine result are nearly everywhere. Almost every key words that you enter, you can see there is a YouTube video clip for it on Page 1. As well as think what? Those video clips ranking on Web page 1 are getting great deals as well as great deals of cost-free web traffic, every single day. There are people making $1000+ every day from nothing greater than simply rating those video clips on Page 1 of Google.

So, my point right here is: if you can make videos, post them to YouTube as well as rate them on Web page 1, after that you can get FREE website traffic from Google, easily.

Yet, most individuals who try this, stop working. Why? Since they produce videos for high-competition key words, they develop 3-5 video clips, they post them, they do not obtain any kind of web traffic and also they give up. What they do not comprehend is that: (1) You require to pick reduced competitors search phrases BEFORE developing video clips and also test great deals of keyword phrases promptly, (2) You actually do need to make great deals of video clips pretty swiftly, without overthinking as well as (3) You need to develop some web links to your video clips to boost them.

So the problems that we require to resolve are:

  • What keyword phrases should we target when we make our videos, to maximize our possibilities of appearing on Page 1?
  • Exactly how can we make the video clips quickly, without showing up on video camera?
  • Just how can we guarantee that our videos actually rank?

This is what My Website traffic Jacker 2.0 is designed to do. Right here is detailed what it does:

[+] Keyword Phrase Research Study Component

It has a built-in research module which enables you to locate and evaluate key phrases. It offers a score and also some important stats for each and every keyword you get in. It likewise pulls up 250 related search phrases which you can likewise consider. You after that obtain a really clear picture of how easy or hard it would be to get a Web page 1 ranking for that key phrase

[+] 1-Click Video Clip Production

This is where the cool point is: once you have selected some search phrases, you can develop a YouTube Live video clip for that keyword WITHOUT EVER BEING ON CAM. It’s actually immediate. You click “produce”, as well as a YouTube Live occasion gets developed. You’re done.

YouTube Live is a sort of placeholder which you can schedule for time in the future, as an example, for tomorrow or the day after. At the assigned time, you’re anticipated to transmit something, but not instantly. The point of doing this YouTube Live is that you can take your 50 or 100 keywords, develop 50 or 100 of these YouTube real-time occasions scheduled for next week, and after that see in 3-5 hours which ones rank on Web page 1 of Google and which ones don’t.

You see how powerful this is? You make 100 of these YouTube Live events. Let’s state 10 or 20 of them rank in Top 10 on Google Web page 1. After that you discard the various other 80 or 90. This way you CURRENTLY understand that there is big possibility with the staying 10 or 20 (because they’re already ranking). After that you just broadcast very straightforward brief videos at the scheduled time as well as you don’t even need to get on video camera.

All that means that you can preserve those Page 1 positions for your Real-time occasions.

[+] Backlink Building contractor

Furthermore, there is a component, included in the main item, which allows you to build some social links and also signals to your video clips to more boost the positions.

Exactly how Do You Obtain Actual Web Traffic?

Once you wind up with your 10 or 20 videos which are ranking, you’ll get site visitors to them, as well as you’ll obtain views.

Now, you can put web links to anything you want– associate deals, CPA provides, etc. You do that utilizing Comments as well as Description. Every one of that is revealed inside the training area.


This is a powerful software application which can assist you eliminate all uncertainty when it involves ranking on Page 1 of Google to get free traffic in any type of specific niche.My Traffic Jacker 2.0 Review

It’s smart, and I know it works because I am utilizing a very comparable strategy, other than mine is not automated as I really did not have this software before.

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