Email Courses 101: How to Use Autoresponders to Write an Email Course

Here is the second post in our series about the various ways you could use Campaigns, AWeber’s new email automation platform, to provideAWesome content to the subscribers. Check out last week’s post about welcome campaigns. Stay tuned for next week’s article about linking campaigns!

I think that one of the greatest little pleasures in life is coming home & finding a package addressed to me on my doorstep. It never fails – even though I ordered something as pedestrian as socks, I get excited.

When the subscribers see your emails in their inbox, you need them to be as excited as I’m when I get my socks in the mail. A way to do that is with an email course.

With an email course, your readers look forward to seeing your messages. Whether you are teaching a new skill or explaining how to use your services, you are delivering helpful tips & information that enlightens your subscribers.

Why send an email course?

We know that automated emails get serious engagement – 100% more than email newsletters. When you utilizethe email automation to provide an email course, you help make subscribers’ lives better by delivering information they need in digestible programs. Email marketing make your life easier because they allow you build trust with your subscribers & keep them engaged over time. Everybody wins!

Making an email course might sound a little daunting at first. But anyone can do it, and I will show you how.

Should my email course be free?

First thing’s first: no matter what kind of email course you create, it ought to be free to your subscribers. Why? As countless bloggers & entrepreneurs have learned, providing value up-front with no strings attached is hands-down the best method to build trust with subscribers.

People who trust you’ll buy from you in the future, however, you have to win them over first. An email route is perfect for showing off your expertise & turning your subscribers into loyal, paying customers.

What do I write about?!

Your email course has to provide solutions to your audience’s biggest questions. What questions does your good customer have? How can they find confusing? Is there a newer topic that no one in your area has covered?

Try this: Consider what happens if you tell people what your business does. What questions do they ask you? Do you have to explain your business in greater details? Do you give instances of the type of work you do?

Let’s say you’re a traveling horse groomer. Not everyone knows what a traveling horse groomer does. Your email course could help educate everyone about your grooming services & explain why they are so important. Or your email course could give people one new grooming tip each day for a week – a prettier pony in 7 days! (You are welcome, traveling horse groomers.)

If you are still not sure what to write, survey your audience & ask them. You could also reach out directly to people to talk about the pain points. Another tactic is using Google Analytics to seek the most popular content on the website, then use that content as the basis for the email course.

The good news is that you already have the content created for your email course. It is simply a matter of organizing it into a series of digestible emails.


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